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… later in 2014 and into 2015, large government surveys such as the National Health Interview Survey will begin tracking the rate of health-insurance coverage in the nation. Thus far, organizations such as Gallup and RAND have been providing such estimates.
Health Care Polls: Summary of ACA Public Opinion Webinar
The problem for Republicans—and the good news for supporters—is that the results are a little more complicated than they look. In addition to the binary question about support or opposition, CNN also asked respondents to explain their position on the law. Do they oppose the legislation because it’s too liberal, or do they oppose it because it’s not liberal enough.
Americans are Clear: Obamacare Just Isn’t Liberal Enough - The Daily Beast (hypothesis: the media are rediscovering the part of American public opinion that supported a public option)
In this Data Note, we raise a note of caution about the possible pitfalls of using standard national public opinion polls to make judgments about Americans’ early experiences with health plan enrollment under the ACA.
Data Note: Attempting to Measure Early Impact of the ACA through National Public Opinion Polls- A Note of Caution and What to Watch For | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Basically, today’s worst-case scenario is that takes months to fix and the mandate is delayed until 2015, resulting in widespread adverse selection. Insurers wouldn’t recoup all losses, but the risk corridor program provides their bottom line with a substantial buffer. Importantly, it doesn’t need to be budget neutral; if the math demands it, the government can pay out more than it collects through the program. This could be expensive—the CBO scored the health law as though risk corridors were budget neutral—but it could also be offset by foregone subsidies.
Delaying the individual mandate would be a headache for insurers, but it wouldn’t induce a “death spiral” | The Incidental Economist
The narrow purpose of the strike is to prevent the distribution of wealth to poorer people, through the Affordable Care Act. The wider purpose (aside from a refusal to accept the legitimacy of a black president) is to topple the state as an effective instrument of taxation, regulation and social protection.
From Obamacare to trade, superversion not subversion is the new and very real threat to the state | George Monbiot